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Most Common Causes of Oilfield Injuries

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 at 12:22 pm    

Working in an oilfield is fairly different than a 9 to 5 job as well as not easy to do given the laborious and tough conditions. Oilfield injuries do not only prove to be hazardous for the environment but also compromise one or many lives. A small mistake or a minor manhandling anything can cause serious or even life-threatening damages to the victim.

Let’s read on to find out the causes of those dangerous incidents:

Injuries due to Falling of Equipment:

As in oilfields, there are heavy machinery and equipment with complicated structures, they need regular maintenance and inspection for safety purposes. This inspection includes even a tiny screw that if starts rusting, the whole machinery and place comes under danger.

If such heavy machinery is not maintained regularly, it can fall on a worker. This does not only damages one person but can also injure people standing nearby.

Fall or Slip of a Person:                                                                                                               

One bad slip can break a leg, hip bone or even dislocate a joint. Such serious oilfield injuries can result in serious consequences such as an oilfield worker losing his job or having a lifetime disability. If a victim chooses to file a case, an oilfield lawyer helps the sufferers to get compensated for these injuries and get back on track.

Not Checking Equipment Levels Regularly:  

In order to prevent accidents and falling equipment, it is mandatory to double check and ensure everything is in place and working properly. The pressure in valves and pumps on oil equipment must stay within a certain level. In case the pressure is too high, the chances of an explosion are higher which can cause injury to a larger scale and can even burn down the whole site. Similarly, if the pressure is too low, it may indicate that there is some leakage which poses threats to the lives of the workers.

So, it is very important to regularly check these things daily to prevent such incidents.

Not Following Industry Safety Rules and Regulations:

Every oilfield has its safety rules and regulations in place that the employees must follow in order to prevent the injuries and damages. It is unfortunate to see that certain people in top management are more after profit than safety measures of their workers and ignore the safety regulations. This ignorance from the guidelines ultimately causes a burn, deep cut or broken limb and in few cases death.

Injuries due to Malfunction of Equipment:

Different machines vary in functioning; the pressure level fluctuates sometimes or display incorrect value regarding the current pressure. At this point, it is the responsibility of the company to look for such defects and malfunctions and ensure that these equipment are repaired.

Not Shutting Down Procedures:

Equipment readings and safety rules explain clearly that the right thing to avoid accidents is to shut down the operation of a machine. Ignoring this measure and deciding to continue the procedure can result in injuries. Observing this rule ensures that the workers are working in a safe environment and chances of an injury are near to impossible.

Lack of Proper Training Procedures:

Poor training regarding procedures is one of the biggest cause of oilfield injuries. Many accidents occur because the workers didn’t know how to take precautionary measures or what to do first in an emergency situation. The safe operation of an oil field is important and companies need to take it seriously which means that employees must be trained properly to handle a situation even if asked to manage other operations of the field.