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The Main Causes Of Car Accidents In McAllen Texas

Posted on Monday, April 22nd, 2019 at 5:18 am    

According to 2018 data from the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, Texas is the state with the highest number of recorded auto-accident fatalities. 3,722 people in Texas lost their lives in 2017 through road accidents. If you are a driver in Texas, then you understand that there is always a chance that you or a loved one can be involved in an accident. Even though some accidents are unavoidable, most are usually as a result of negligence and careless driving. Innocent people suffer life-altering injuries or lose their lives due to the errors and negligence of other drivers.  Malfunctioning vehicle safety parts and systems also contribute to fatal auto-accidents, which can be a result of the car manufacturer.

If you have been involved in a McAllen auto-accident and it’s another driver’s fault, then you have all the right to pursue compensation for any damages and injuries. You also have the right to pursue a claim if a loved one is seriously injured or loses their life. A McAllen auto accident attorney offers you the best advise and helps you pursue all the necessary legal actions to ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. It is, however, important to first learn what the major causes of car accidents in McAllen Texas are.

Driving Under the Influence

This is what is commonly referred to as DUI. This is where a driver is behind the wheel while high from consuming too much alcohol, illegal substances or even prescription drugs. DUI accidents occur very often and are a major cause of fatal accidents. You have the right to pursue a claim if you establish that the driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident. McAllen ranks among the top counties with alcohol-related fatalities in the country. Most of these drivers are young people between the ages of 25-30.

Distracted Drivers

Distractions while driving such as phone calls, eating, talking to passengers, adjusting entertainment systems amongst others, are another major cause of accidents in McAllen, Texas. It has been established that a large section of Texas drivers tends to talk on the phone while behind the wheel. This is the reason why many states have passed legislation regarding mobile phones use.

Unlicensed Drivers

This is whereby the driver is not legally licensed to be behind the wheel. An unlicensed driver is most probably not well trained or competent at driving. If an accident is caused by a person who is not licensed to drive, then there is a high chance of you being granted compensation. Proof of lack of a license gives you lots of standing legal ground.

Unroadworthy Vehicles And Defective Parts

A driver may knowingly or unknowingly get behind the wheel of an unroadworthy vehicle. Unroadworthy vehicles may have failed inspection and are a major threat on the roads. Vehicles with defective safety parts such as the brakes or stuck accelerators contribute to fatal accidents. In such cases, the driver, insurance companies and the car manufacturer are included as defendants. You should consult a McAllen to discuss the status of your case and how to go about it.


It goes without saying that driving over the speed limit is a major cause of auto accidents. Drivers should always adhere to the set speed limits. If it is established that the accident was caused due to the driver driving over the speed limit, then you are entitled to compensation for damages and injuries. This also applies if your loved one suffered any loss or injury.

Failure To Yield The Right Of Way

When entering an intersection, roundabout or a high way, a driver is legally expected to yield the right of way for any passing driver. If a driver fails to yield the right of way, then it can result in a fatal collision. Such a crash can be used as evidence of negligence of the other driver. The main issue with accidents caused by this type of negligence is that the crashes are often fatal leading to the loss of lives. For this reason, if you encounter a reckless driver who fails to yield the right of way, do not hesitate to contact a McAllen Texas car accident attorney.

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