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What Are the Most Common Medical Malpractice Cases in Texas?

Posted on Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 10:18 pm    

When you receive medical care in an office or hospital environment, you expect to receive quality care and help with your ailments. You are going to the doctor’s office or hospital for a reason – the medical professionals that work there are trained to deal with your medical condition(s). Although you should expect to receive the best care all the time, that does not always happen. Negligence can occur in an office or hospital environment, leading to medical malpractice lawsuits filed against specific physicians and medical staff members. There are certain medical malpractice cases that are quite common in the state of Texas.

Improper Diagnosis or Lack of Diagnosis

Improper diagnosis or lack of diagnosis are two of the reasons people often choose to file medical malpractice lawsuits in Texas. When you feel like something is not right, you explain those symptoms to your physician with the hope that he or she will run tests and do anything possible to figure out what is going on. Unfortunately, not all physicians are truly taking the time to listen to their patients. They may think something that is serious is not that big of a deal until it gets much worse and is later diagnosed as a major medical condition. If a physician diagnoses you with something that you do not have and you take medicine or receive treatment for that condition instead of for the condition you truly have, you can file a medical malpractice lawsuit. It is the responsibility of your physician to get things right the first time around, even if it means running all kinds of tests.

While an improper diagnosis is frustrating enough, a lack of diagnosis is just as frustrating. If you are going to the hospital or visiting with a physician in the office to explain the symptoms you are experiencing and you do not get a diagnosis but you later find out that there is something wrong with you, it is only right to want to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. A misdiagnosis or lack of diagnosis could cause you to suffer more pain in your life and that is the last thing you should have to do when you are already suffering.

Mistakes Made During Labor and Delivery

Although it is not talked about too often, mistakes can and do happen during the labor and delivery process. There are a lot of things that can quickly start to go wrong. If you are in labor and are having difficulty pushing, the obstetrician or the nurses could make decisions that they feel is in the best interest of the baby, even if it truly is not. Because they are acting quickly, they could make mistakes that cause you or your baby to suffer. For example, the obstetrician could use forceps to try to pull the baby out when you are having trouble pushing, but those forceps could cause injuries to the baby that are life-threatening. When negligence occurs during labor and delivery, you have every right to file a lawsuit against the obstetrician, nurses, and the hospital.

Problems During a Surgical Procedure

The thought of undergoing surgery is scary enough for most people. Anyone who needs to undergo a surgical procedure is going to want to come out of it feeling better instead of feeling worse. However, mistakes are often made in the operating room. A surgeon could make an incision in the wrong place, work on the wrong part of the body, or even unintentionally leave something behind inside the body, such as a surgical tool, cloth, or sponge. While it is not something anyone wants to think about when they need surgery, it is important to be aware of what could potentially happen.

Different medical malpractice lawsuits are filed on a regular basis against doctors, nurses, and hospitals. Some of the most common reasons cases are filed in the state of Texas include improper diagnosis or a lack of diagnosis, mistakes made when a woman is giving birth, and problems that occur during or after a surgical procedure as a result of negligence. Medical professionals and staff members must be held accountable for their negligence. If you have experienced one of these issues or any other medical-related issue with hospital or office staff members, you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer.