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Facial Injury Legal Compensation

When people sustain severe injuries to the face, they can suffer a number of devastating repercussions, from considerable pain and discomfort to permanent disabilities. Because of the high medical bills and significant loss in wages associated with traumatic facial injuries, victims whose injuries were caused by the negligent behavior of others may want to consider fighting for financial compensation from the person or party at fault. McAllen residents can turn to the knowledgeable McAllen personal injury lawyers of Patino Law Firm, for help.

Consequences of Traumatic Facial Injuries

An injury to the face can have a major impact on a person’s day-to-day life. Beyond initial pain and suffering, an accident victim can experience the following consequences:

  • Loss of sight or visual acuity due to trauma to the eyeball or an orbital blowout fracture
  • Loss of hearing due to an injury to the ear
  • Respiratory problems due to nose injuries or a fractured jaw
  • Loss of smell due to nose injuries
  • Difficulty eating due to a jaw fracture, tongue injuries, or dental injuries
  • Difficulty talking due to a jaw fracture, tongue injuries, or dental injuries
  • Disfigurement, sometimes due to severe scarring

Fortunately, accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation to help cover their losses.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in McAllen

If you or someone you love has sustained a facial injury or other serious injuries, such as broken bones or brain trauma, due to another person’s negligent conduct, you are not alone. To learn more about how we can help you prepare a personal injury claim after an injury in McAllen, contact an attorney from Patino Law Firm, today by calling 956-631-3535.

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