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Product liability refers to the responsibility that anyone in the product manufacturing industry assumes when designing, creating and distributing its products. If a product is dangerous or defective and results in a consumer’s injury or illness, then the party responsible for the error or flaw can usually be held legally and financially responsible for the damages.

Unfortunately, as our team at Patino Law Firm, knows, many people in McAllen suffer from the consequences of dangerous products. From vehicles to household appliances to food, there is a wide range of products that we tend to use regularly that can cause unimaginable harm when defective.

Common Causes of Product Liability Cases

Product liability cases are fairly common and affect numerous industries. However, some of the most common product liability cases that are filed against manufacturers and other related parties include those involving:

  • Toxic Food Products and Containers
  • Dangerous Pharmaceutical Products
  • Defective Household Appliances
  • Defective Vehicles
  • Dangerous Childcare Products and Toys
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Design Defects

Any of these dangers can make a product unsafe to handle, use, or consume. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of manufacturers, designers, and distributors, many innocent people are put in harm’s way.

Call a Product Liability Lawyer in McAllen

If you or someone that you care about has suffered any kind of harm because of a dangerous product, then the manufacturer, designer, or distributor of that product might owe you financial compensation. Speak with our attorneys at Patino Law Firm, about pursuing this compensation and how we can help by calling us at 956-631-3535 today.

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