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If you’re in an accident in McAllen, Texas, you shouldn’t have to settle for less than you deserve. Our personal injury lawyers in McAllen are highly experienced in handling many kinds of injuries resulting from accidents and getting big compensation payments for victims.

We are local personal injury lawyers who fight for our clients to get them the justice they deserve for their injuries — and we’re ready to help you too.

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Patino Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers at our McAllen office can represent you in cases involving car accidents, slip and fall accidents, pedestrian accidents, and spinal cord injuries. We can also help you get compensation for truck accidents, burn injuries, and wrongful death.

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How Can Our Personal Injury Lawyers in McAllen Help You?

Dr. Louis Patino and his personal injury lawyers in McAllen specialize in helping you get justice following an accident or injury caused by another party’s negligent or reckless actions.

We are well-prepared to handle a variety of cases, including those involving:

Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury can hinder your quality of life, requiring you to alter your lifestyle and causing a frustrating loss of independence. Depending on the severity of your injury, it may prevent you from doing your previous job or even working ever again, affecting your ability to earn and your overall wellbeing.

While your injury may be treatable with extensive rehabilitation, this doesn’t come cheap. Compensation can help you manage your condition and provide some small financial comfort as you adjust to life with your injury.

spinal cord injury

Wrongful Death

If your loved one has tragically died in an accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim on their behalf. While no amount of money can ever fill the gap left by your loved one, it can help you cover funeral expenses and compensate you for your loss, allowing you to move forward and heal.

Construction Accidents

Construction site accidents injure thousands of Texas workers every year. You may be able to file a worker’s compensation claim, but Texas is unique in that — unlike other states — it does not mandate workers’ compensation insurance. This means that you might be able to file a personal injury claim if your employer has been negligent.

construction workers
vehicular accident

Pedestrian Accidents

Reckless motorists don’t just pose a risk to drivers on the road. A pedestrian accident can cause severe physical injury if a driver is intoxicated, distracted, or speeding. If you or a loved one has been hurt or fatally injured in a pedestrian accident, you may be able to pursue compensation.

Truck Accidents

Semi-truck drivers, companies, and manufacturers are held to a higher standard and heavily regulated because of the sheer size and weight of the vehicle. This means that many truck accidents cause severe, life-changing injuries, and many are even fatal.

If your accident was caused by negligence, whether due to an auto defect or irresponsible driving, you could be eligible for compensation.

vechicular accident
slip warning

Slip and Fall

Slips and falls are common injuries, but that doesn’t make them any less severe. A slip could result in a traumatic brain injury or spinal injury and cause a life-long disability, such as paralysis. If you’ve had a slip and fall accident at work or because a property owner has failed to maintain their property, you might be able to get compensation with a premises liability claim.

What’s the Process for Working with a Personal Injury Lawyer in McAllen?

Personal injury cases are often complex and require detailed evidence-taking, communication, and discussions with multiple parties. It’s not uncommon for personal injury claims to involve an endless back and forth with insurance companies, and sometimes, they result in a lengthy court case.

All this means it can be difficult, if not impossible, to handle your own personal injury case. Even if you do, you might not get the kind of compensation payment you’re entitled to. When you hire our personal injury lawyers in McAllen, we will protect your rights under Texas law and fight to get you the justice and financial settlement you deserve.


Evaluating Your Case

Your McAllen personal injury lawyer will start by evaluating your case — including how much compensation you could receive — and determine the likelihood that your claim will succeed. They will also help by negotiating a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

You may be surprised, but one of the duties of our personal injury lawyers in Texas is to make sure our clients get the best medical care for their injuries. We will discuss your case with your doctor and, if necessary, can refer you to a specialist for expert treatment. This will also give us a better picture of your injuries and the financial compensation you may be entitled to for your accident.


Collecting Evidence

Evidence is the cornerstone of any personal injury case in McAllen, and the burden is on the victim to provide it. If there’s insufficient evidence, or if it hasn’t been properly collected, if at all, your case may fail despite your injuries. You must have an expert personal injury lawyer in McAllen who knows what kind of evidence you need to support your case and how to gather it.



Not all personal injury cases go to trial, and they’re often settled out of court, but if yours does, you need the best legal minds you can get. Our personal injury lawyers in McAllen have a wealth of experience in Texas courtrooms. They will carry out pre-litigation research and discovery, file a complaint and pre-trial motions, and prepare for your day in court. They will also file an appeal if the case doesn’t succeed so that you have another chance at compensation.

Protect your rights under Texas law and get justice and compensation for injuries sustained in an accident by hiring the best personal injuries lawyers in McAllen. You won’t pay a cent unless we win your case for you, so contact us today for a free, no-obligation review.

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