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Signs of Psychological Abuse in Nursing Homes

Psychological abuse can be devastating for anyone, especially when it involves particularly vulnerable people, as nursing home residents. While most individuals in nursing homes enjoy high-quality medical care, professionalism, and social opportunities that are often available to them, some individuals experience psychological abuse from the staff. What can be particularly troubling about psychological abuse in nursing homes is the fact that some individuals living with dementia or who may be otherwise incapable of effectively communicating. The effects of psychological abuse can be far-reaching and can dramatically diminish an individual’s quality of life.

Signs of Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse can have a severe impact on the wellbeing of any individual. Commonly, the following symptoms are tell-tale signs of psychological abuse:

  • An unreasonable sense of fear or anxiety
  • Withdrawal or lack of interest in social interaction
  • Unexplained changes in behavior

Perhaps the most damaging form of psychological abuse is isolation. Social interaction is incredibly critical to the wellbeing of nursing home residents. When nursing home residents are wrongfully denied the opportunity to be social by staff members, the establishment could be held legally accountable.

Contact a McAllen Psychological Abuse Lawyer Today

The McAllen personal injury lawyers at Patino Law Firm, understand the impact of psychological abuse on nursing home residents and will fight to protect their dignity and rights. If you or a loved one has been emotionally abused in a nursing home, we can help hold the responsible parties financially accountable. To speak with one of our lawyers today, please call 956-631-3535.

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