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Oilfields are dangerous workplaces, and people who work in them should be aware of the numerous hazards they face every day. Employers are legally bound to protect their employees by implementing appropriate safety measures, including proper training for workers, usage of adequate safety equipment, and regular site inspections and maintenance.

When employers fail to adhere to workplace safety standards, it can cause workers to suffer serious injuries or even wrongful death. The consequences of oilfield injuries can be catastrophic, potentially leaving workers unable to work and cover costly medical bills. Fortunately, though, workers harmed in oilfield accidents caused by the reckless choices of their employers may be eligible to pursue compensation for their damages.

Our oilfield injury attorneys and specialist drilling rig accident lawyers are here to help you if you’ve been involved in an oilfield accident that was not your fault.

Common Accidents at Texan Oilfields

Working in oilfields is a hazardous job because of the dangers present and the resulting accidents that can and do frequently occur. They include:

oil drilling

How Our McAllen Oilfield Injury Attorneys Can Help

At Patino Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping injury victims get the compensation they deserve for their damages, and this commitment extends to the victims of oilfield accidents. Our oilfield accident attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to help clients whose damages may include:

These and other common oilfield incidents can put workers and their families in a difficult financial situation, but we can help you fight for the full compensation that’s right for the injuries you suffered.

You’ll be assigned an expert oilfield injury lawyer who knows how to deal with all the parties involved in your case, including your employer and their insurance company. Your oilfield accident attorney will know the tricks that insurance companies often use to try and avoid paying out the right sum in personal injury claims — or paying nothing — and we will fight to make sure you get the proper amount.

If, after negotiations, a settlement cannot be reached, or one that we think is too low is offered and we advise you not to accept it, your case may go to trial. Your experienced Patino Law Firm oilfield injury attorney will gather all the necessary medical and other reports to prove you were not at fault for your accident and present your case before a judge. We would then be confident of a ruling in your favor and a substantial financial settlement to compensate you for your oilfield accident injuries.

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If you or someone you know has been the victim of an injury on an oilfield, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages you or they have suffered. Contact Patino Law Firm today to speak with a knowledgeable McAllen oilfield injury attorney about your case and learn more about your rights and options under the law.

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