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Commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers and semi trucks are the biggest automobiles on our nation’s roads, imperative for transporting large or bulky loads such as heavy construction equipment, building materials, and more across the United States. Unfortunately, due to the size and power of these vehicles, semi trucks and 18-wheelers can put others on the road at risk of severe injuries in the event of truck accidents. In many frustrating situations, these accidents are fully preventable, as they are the result of another party’s negligence. Learn what the Patino Law Firm can do for you and your case by reading more from our experienced McAllen truck accident lawyers.

Everyone from truck manufacturers to truck drivers themselves must act responsibly in order to avoid truck accidents. Should they fail to do so, causing an innocent motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian to suffer in an auto accident, they can be held accountable for this dangerous act of carelessness. By taking legal action against the party at fault, victims of truck accidents may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and other damages resulting from the incident. If you are currently struggling to recover after a truck accident contact our McAllen Truck Accident Lawyers to see what your legal recovery options are.

Serving McAllen Truck Accident Victims

More so than most other types of motor vehicle accidents, 18 wheeler accidents can leave motorists with severe, traumatic injuries. These injuries, often caused by another party’s negligence, may have long-term consequences for a motorist, from lifelong disabilities to psychological difficulties to burdensome financial expenses. While overcoming such repercussions of a truck accident is not easy, many of the difficulties can often be alleviated for a victim of such an accident through a successful car accident claim.

At Patino Law Firm believe that those injured in a truck accident in McAllen caused by someone else’s negligence deserve their fair chance at justice. Because truck accidents are all too often the fault of a negligent or reckless party, holding these other parties accountable is often critical to getting the compensation and justice a victim needs.

Main Causes of Truck Accidents in McAllen

Truck accident injury victims may need substantial compensation in order to pay for the costs of their injuries. The truck accident attorneys at Patino Law Firm are prepared to provide experienced, knowledgeable legal representation to those who have suffered in truck wrecks as a result of the following:

Truck accidents often have devastating repercussions, and the parties responsible for causing these mishaps need to be held responsible for their actions.

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McAllen Truck Accidents: The Injuries and the Aftermath

Trucks exert a great deal of force during an accident, which could leave victims with severe injuries. Many of those injuries may not only cause immediate limitations for the victim, but they might also cause long-term effects that could utterly transform the victim’s life, in many respects.

A Lawyer Could Help Seek Compensation After a McAllen Truck Accident

Following a truck accident in the Rio Grande Valley, a McAllen truck accident attorney, like those at Patino Law Firm, could help you better understand your legal rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

Determining the Compensation for a McAllen Truck Accident

It is common for big truck drivers to carry insurance policies designed to help provide a critical layer of protection to the victims of accidents. That does not mean, however, that the accident victim should automatically receive compensation, or are within the limits of that policy. In fact, the severity of your injuries can have a substantial impact on the amount of compensation you may receive after an accident.

Consider these elements to your McAllen truck accident claim following an accident:

  • Your medical bills. Medical expenses can play a critical role in the compensation you may receive following any type of serious accident, including a truck accident. An attorney, like those at Patino Law Firm, could work with you to calculate your current and anticipated medical expenses related to your injuries. You may need to factor in emergency treatment, including ambulance transport, and the cost of ongoing treatment after your accident (surgeries and procedures, follow-up appointments, therapies, and durable medical equipment needed to aid in your recovery). In addition, you could include the cost of modifications you may need to make to your home or vehicle to maintain your independence following a serious accident. Examples of such modifications include widening doorways and installing a new roll-in shower in the bathroom, to account for long-term wheelchair use after the accident.
  • Your lost wages. In addition to substantial medical bills following an accident, you may notice a decrease in your income due to your inability to work. Many serious truck accident injuries can leave you unable to work, often long-term, while you recover. A traumatic brain injury, for example, may make it incredibly difficult for you to interact reasonably with customers due to challenges with emotional regulation, while a spinal cord injury can leave you with a long recovery before you can reasonably return to work as you handle your new limitations. You may also experience disruptions in your work schedule due to procedures, surgeries, or therapy and other visits that recovery after an accident requires.
  • Your pain and suffering. Many victims include pain and suffering as part of their McAllen truck accident claims. Speak to an attorney, like those at Patino Law Firm, to learn more about whether you should include pain and suffering in your pursuit for damages, and about how to quantify that pain and suffering that you faced as a result of your accident. Pain and suffering could include emotional suffering that you experience. For example, many victims struggle with feelings of social isolation, or may feel like they have substantially missed out on activities they had planned to enjoy. Other victims, like burn victims, may have difficulty adjusting to new limitations or changes in their appearance from an accident.

Finding the Liable Party After a McAllen Truck Accident

Working with a McAllen truck accident attorney, like those at Patino Law Firm, could also help you identify all potentially liable parties following a McAllen truck accident. An attorney could help collect evidence against the truck driver who caused your accident. This may, for example, include a truck driver driving while distracted, a truck driver who chose to drink and drive, or one who ignored the rules of the road.

Several scenarios could have contributed to your truck accident.

  • A mechanical defect caused the accident. Sometimes, the party that manufactured the vehicle bears liability for a mechanical defect. In other cases, like when the truck is used improperly or goes too long without maintenance, the owner of the vehicle may bear liability for the accident. This includes tire blowouts due to overloaded vehicles or engine failures caused by poor maintenance. In other cases, such as when a mechanic claims to have fixed a truck or certifies it as road-worthy, but does not actually fix a problem with the vehicle or makes a mistake that causes a mechanical malfunction, the mechanic may bear liability for the accident.
  • A shifting load accident caused the accident. Shifting loads can pose a serious hazard, both on flatbeds, where falling cargo can pose a serious hazard for anyone on the road, and inside the truck, where shifting cargo can lead to jackknife accidents and even cause the vehicle to tip over. Sometimes, the truck driver may bear liability for some of those accidents. The driver must, for example, check the security of the cargo regularly to ensure that it was tied down properly. In other cases, however, another company may load the truck, leaving that entity potentially liable for any accidents caused by shifting cargo.
  • The driver’s employer failed to adhere to reasonable regulations and precautions. A truck driver’s employer often shares liability for what the driver does while out on the road. This includes, in particular, an employer who forces a driver to continue driving in unsafe conditions, or who asks the driver to modify his logbook or to drive beyond the federally restricted number of hours he can spend behind the wheel each day.

You may not initially care who, beyond the driver, caused your accident. In many cases, however, identifying all parties who contributed to your accident could allow you to file a McAllen truck accident claim against each one, which may ultimately increase the compensation you could receive for your injuries. By working with an attorney, you could more effectively identify all parties that may share liability for your accident. The attorney could also help piece together the evidence that could help prove your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions About McAllen Truck Accidents

When a large truck zooms by in McAllen or the rest of the Rio Grande Valley, drivers may tend to drive a bit more defensively. If you’ve ever witnessed a collision involving a commercial truck, you understand that the potential consequences can be devastating. The commercial trucking industry plays a critical role in the nation’s economy, and in particular, McAllen’s economy.

McAllen serves as an international transportation gateway that facilitates distribution throughout Texas and nationwide. Of course, the benefits of the trucking industry are well-known, but it is also important to understand the risks related to increased commercial trucks on the nation’s roadways.

In a collision with an average passenger vehicle, the sheer size and weight of a commercial truck can cause devastating consequences. The force of the impact can cause extensive property damage, oftentimes resulting in catastrophic injuries for passengers. On the other hand, truck drivers are typically more well-protected, and may suffer only minor injuries, if any. While the injuries sustained by the occupants of passenger vehicles often require life-saving medical treatment, truckers frequently walk away unharmed.

Whether completing your daily commute or enjoying a Sunday drive, it’s likely that at some point, you will share the roadway with a commercial truck. Because trucks and the dangers they pose are unavoidable, we created a McAllen Truck accident FAQ. Read on to learn about the risks and legal implications associated with collisions involving commercial trucks.

Do You Need a McAllen Truck Accident Lawyer?

Trucks are in more than 30,000 accidents each year. The McAllen area itself—including the Rio Grande Valley—sees about 500 truck accidents a year, with as many as eight persons dying, 25 experiencing serious injuries, and 86 sustaining non-incapacitating injuries.

Were you one of those people who suffered injuries in a McAllen truck accident, or the loved one of someone who lost his or her life due to a negligent trucker or trucking company in the Rio Grande Valley?

If so, our McAllen truck accident attorneys could help you seek compensation for your injuries. The sooner you contact us, the sooner our McAllen truck accident attorneys can start collecting the vital evidence that could make up your claim.

Contact the McAllen personal injury lawyers at Patino Law Firm today to speak with a skilled legal professional and learn more about your rights and options under the law during this trying time.

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