Types of Altered Consciousness after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A traumatic brain injury may leave the injured individual in a state of altered consciousness that can drastically affect the way they interact with the world. In the most severe instances, this loss of consciousness can be a potentially permanent inability to interact with the outside world. In less grim cases, a person may be able to interact with the world around them but may do so in a limited capacity. For some, regular monitoring and treatment can yield improved states of consciousness. However, this can be a very expensive process for a household to bear.

At Patino Law Firm, we believe in providing our McAllen clients with the fair opportunity to fight for compensation when they need it most. This compensation can often cover a great deal of the victims and their family’s costs, allowing them to focus on recovery and care.

TBIs and a Loss of Consciousness

Traumatic brain injuries can result in damage to certain areas of the brain responsible for keeping a person conscious. Severe or particularly widespread damage across the brain may weaken areas of the brain responsible for maintaining functional consciousness. If these areas are damaged, a person may experience the following altered states of consciousness:

  • Coma, in which consciousness is lost entirely
  • A vegetative state, in which a person may react to limited stimuli, but has no sense of awareness for their surroundings
  • A minimally conscious state, in which a may both be able to react to stimuli and may a limited sense of situational and self-awareness
  • Locked-in syndrome, in which a person may be fully aware of their surroundings, but unable to move their body

Injured individuals in these states of consciousness often require substantial monitoring and medical attention. This can make treatment very expensive. However, compensation may available for an injured individual’s family through a personal injury claim.

Learn about Brain Injuries from a Personal Injury Attorney in McAllen

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