San Antonio Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

San Antonio Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Drunk driving is a hugely vexing and costly issue across the United States, and San Antonio is not exempt. If someone you loved died in a tragic accident that a drunk driver caused, or if a drunk driver injured you, you may pursue compensation to pay for your injuries.

You do not have to go through these difficult times alone. Contact Patino Injury and Accident Attorneys’ San Antonio drunk driving lawyers. For years, we have fought hard to recover the costs of San Antonio drunk driving accidents on behalf of people just like you. Let us see how we can help.

Drunk Driving Accidents in San Antonio

Texas has historically ranked as the number one state in the United States for alcohol-related traffic deaths. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that Texas had 3,642 fatal motor vehicle crashes in just one year, with 1,439 deaths related to alcohol-impaired driving.

Annually, officers arrest about 90,000 Texas drivers on DUI charges. This number is shocking, primarily because statistical studies have found that the average person drives under the influence more than 80 times before getting into an accident or getting arrested. Pair this with the fact that someone is injured every 2 minutes and killed every 50 minutes on Texas roads because of alcohol-related accidents, and it’s evident just how relevant this issue is for Texas drivers, bikers, and pedestrians.

San Antonio is Texas’s second-largest city, so it naturally follows that it has one of Texas’s highest occurrences of drunk driving accidents. In 2018 alone, San Antonio was the site of over 1,800 drunk driving crashes, resulting in 43 fatalities and 92 serious injuries. The only city with more DUI vehicle accidents is Dallas.

Alcohol-related car crashes in the United States total more than $44 billion in costs annually, with 28 people dying every day from drunk driving collisions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Children are affected, too. An alcohol-impaired driver was involved in 17 percent of 1,233 traffic deaths among children aged 0 to 14 years in just one year. Of the total number of people involved in a fatal car crash, DUI crashes make up a little over 27.5 percent of those deadly accidents.

These DUI crash statistics are significant because they reflect how prevalent driving under the influence is in our community and its severe impacts on those involved. Understanding the laws related to drunk driving accidents in Texas and the actions to take should you find yourself affected are invaluable to keeping you safe and aware.

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